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Be Proud of Your Culture: Irish Ambassador Advises Youth

Staff Reporter

11 Apr 2024

"Young people should look for what’s good in their culture and be proud of it because this is going to create a Malawi identity,"

Lilongwe, Malawi – In an appeal for cultural pride and identity, His Excellency Séamus O'Grady, the Irish Ambassador to Malawi, has encouraged the nation's youth to embrace and exhibit their heritage with pride.


Speaking during an engagement at Story Club FM studios in Lilongwe, the Ambassador highlighted the significance of cultural identity in shaping a unique Malawian persona.


Irish Ambassador and the staff of Story Club FM

This dialogue took place against the backdrop of the upcoming World Arts Day on April 15, a celebration that focuses on the universal role of arts in enriching the human experience.


The Ambassador's visit to the radio station on Tuesday, April 9, not only highlighted the importance of this global event but also emphasized the vibrant connections between Malawi and Ireland, particularly in the realms of music, literature, and art.


"Young people should look for what’s good in their culture and be proud of it because this is going to create a Malawi identity," Ambassador O'Grady said.


He applauded Story Club FM for its dedication to fostering a rich arts culture among the youth, recognizing the platform as an important space for emerging talents and cultural dialogue.


The Ambassador's remarks also ventured into the dynamic interplay between preserving cultural heritage and embracing progress, advocating for a discerning appreciation of cultural elements that forge a positive identity.


This approach resonates deeply with the ethos of World Arts Day, which encourages a reflective celebration of diverse cultural expressions.


The relationship between Ireland and Malawi, enriched by decades of cooperation, stands on a solid foundation of shared values and mutual respect.


Since establishing its embassy in Lilongwe in 2007, Ireland has been actively involved in supporting Malawi's development, with a particular focus on education, health, governance, and business.


Ambassador O'Grady, leading the Irish mission in Malawi since January 2021, brings a wealth of experience to the role, having engaged in development and economic reform across various regions before his appointment.


His tenure has been marked by a commitment to deepening bilateral relations, advancing shared values, and fostering cultural and people-to-people links between the two nations.


Initiated by the International Association of Art (IAA), World Arts Day on April 15 aims to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide.


This occasion provides an opportune moment for reflecting on the role of arts in societal development and the unifying power of cultural expression.


As countries like Malawi and Ireland continue to exchange cultural riches and insights, events such as World Arts Day showcase the shared human capacity for creativity and the enduring importance of arts in bridging diverse communities.


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