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Inside Eli Njuchi’s pre new year’s Eve-Eve “The Hive Experience” show

Contributed by Faith Kaunde

3 Jan 2024

Friday night at Bingu International Conference Center in Lilongwe was a delightful family affair, filled with fun at The Hive Experience, a show hosted by musician Eli Njuchi.


The event which was organized by Real Image and Umodzi Park, also featured artists like Theresa Phondo, Kim of Diamonds, Driemo, Praise Umali, Lawi, Piksy, and the headline act, Eli Njuchi.


Despite a bustling night for music lovers and entertainment enthusiasts in Lilongwe, they did not betray Njuchi’s Hive Experience.


Instead, music fanatics flocked to the venue to show love and have a great time.


The show, initially scheduled for a 7:30pm start, kicked off precisely at 8:30pm.


When Eli Njuchi, Real name Chifuniro Magalasi, took the stage at 11:30pm, the audience was already eager for his performance while chanting his name.


Upon his entrance, the band started playing the hit single "gu gu gu," and Eli Njuchi's creative stage entrance, lifted in the air, left fans talking.


In the midst of the air act, he performed the song alongside his band and two backing vocalists dressed in black.


When Njuchi screamed, "BICC, are you having a good time?" the audience couldn't contain their love, raising their hands in excitement.


Dressed in sleek black attire, the Yabaya hitmaker delivered one hit after another, establishing a dynamic connection with his audience.


On stage, everyone got really happy when Eli Njuchi surprised them by bringing Gwamba and Kelly Kay to sing their songs "Fumbi" and "Loss" together.


They all enjoyed the music, and Eli Njuchi smoothly connected with the audience, making the atmosphere even better.


During the performance of the iconic track "Ma Ine," the singer's mother and father joined him, adding a heartwarming touch as they danced and celebrated their song. An adoration song dedicated to the singer's mother further enriched the emotional moment.


Another touching moment came when the artist performed "Z," dedicating it to late artists like Martse, Walychris, Atoth Manje, and Tremour of Mpanipani whilst showing their pictures on the background screen.


The artist's thoughtful gestures extended to bringing heartfelt moments for his fans, and his engaging interaction with the audience ensured a fully entertaining experience.


Prior to Eli Njuchi's stellar performance, Mazani opened the show at exactly 8:30pm, introduced by the master of ceremonies. Following this, the RnB queen Kim of Diamonds graced the stage, captivating the audience with her beautiful and soothing voice, delivering a few of her singles.


After Kim of Diamonds, another talented gospel and R&B artist, Theresa Phondo, took the spotlight at The Hive Experience, delivering a captivating performance.


She began with her track "Zambezi," and

the surprise appearance of Kelvin Sings added to the joy as the audience sang along.


Every artist at the show performed with a live band, adding vibrant colors to the performance, and the audience had a blast singing along.


When it was Praise Umali's turn,the former zathu Band member did not disappoint but showcased his guitar skills and vocal prowess, winning the crowd's joy with songs like "Plan" and the later Zeze Kingston and Kell Kay featured track "Ku Tiyeni."


At 10:15, Driemo took over the stage, delighting the crowd with hits like "Mtendere" and "Weniweni." The audience chanted for more songs, and after a brief exit, Driemo returned shirtless, energizing the crowd with his hit "Popo."


Lawi and Piksy continued to keep the energy high, ensuring the auditorium was musically decorated. The stage lights and excellent sound projection enhanced the vibrant atmosphere of The Hive Experience.


Lawi and Piksy continued to keep the energy high, ensuring the auditorium was musically decorated.


Speaking with a patron after the show, Mayamiko Banda from area 47 expressed her satisfaction, saying, "The show was on another level. We didn't wait too long for artists to perform, and there were no technical glitches. It made my last Friday of 2023 truly enjoyable."

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