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Kamuzu Academy promises fireworks at Umodzi Orchestra Concert and Christmas Carols

Yankho Phiri

20 Nov 2023

"We are well prepared and geared to be on top of our game at the concert

Kamuzu Academy Orchestra Band has promised music lovers who will attend the forthcoming Orchestra Concert and Christmas Carols at Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on December 9 to expect a thrilling live performance.


Speaking in an interview, a band member Ndemiji Kachale who plays Clarinet said they have trained to their level best to honour the invitation and fans should be ready for professional and mature music.


He said: "We are well prepared and geared to be on top of our game at the concert.


"It is my belief that music is something that everyone must experience in their lives, whether  it is about learning, playing, or listening to it but everyone must experience music.

Kamuzu Academy Orchestra Band


"So I’m urging everyone in Lilongwe and from everywhere in the country that they must come and attend the Umodzi Orchestra concert where the greatness of orchestra music will be played.”


Making his remarks on the development, Director of Music at the institution, Donald Kaluwile said it is high time for people in the country to start having a feel of orchestra concerts.


“We are very proud as a school to be getting invitations to perform in different ceremonies. That means we are being recognized and that there is a new cultural shift in people. They want to try a different taste of music apart from our local music,” he said.


The Orchestra Band also performed at the 42nd Founders Day at its campus in Mntunthama on Saturday.

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