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6 May 2023

Many people also agree that the plot of the movie "School Days" was good.

Through the interviews conducted by Story Club FM with individuals who watched the premiere of the movie "School Days" at BICC on Friday, May 5, 2023, which was produced by the multi-talented musician and producer Kendal Kamwendo, it has been established that many people enjoyed the movie.



A sample of people we interviewed agreed that the theme of the movie was "the consequences of bullying." 


"We see that there was a lot of bullying at this school. The students in the lower classes are scared because the upper classes are bullying them. We also see that teachers are not paying much attention to these issues. Because of this bullying, the school loses a life of one of the most intelligent students. I believe that it is a great lesson about our schools," said Dalitso Chisi.



Many people also agree that the plot of the movie "School Days" was good. The story is linear but with a lot of twists that come together in the end.



The story of "School Days" begins in a village where a boy named Mphatso who lives with his old and blind mother has been chosen to go to secondary school and through the help of a pastor, he is given the opportunity to attend. Without the support of this pastor, Mphatso would not have been able to go to secondary school.


At school Mphatso encounters bullying, but he does not allow this to distract his attention from his education, he is found to be excelling in class.


"The most interesting thing about this story is how they have jumped at the chance to put other stories within the one story. There is a love story between a teacher and a student. A love story is also seen between the main character and another girl from a rich family. We also see a young man who is trying to force love but it is not possible. The movie also cleverly tackles issues of alcohol and drug abuse. In short, it is written very skillfully," Temwanani Kaunda said.




"Many Malawian films make it appear as if the people are acting, as if it is just a drama. However, in this movie, the acting was taken very seriously. It was convincing, believable, and gripping," said one viewer who preferred to remain anonymous. "The characters were alive, multifaceted, believable, and at times very humorous. I really enjoyed the movie," added Sarah Kamwendo




Based on the interviews conducted, many individuals stated that the movie was well-made in terms of depicting the events that occur in school. It is undeniable that the story is based on true events that happen in schools. The actors portraying school children were very convincing and realistic. The police cars, teachers' houses, and other scenes were shot professionally, adding to the overall quality of the film.




"Although the overall story is a sad one, one cannot stop laughing from the beginning to the end. There is a lot of humor in the story. It is a good reminder indeed of old school days. Well-crafted," said Martha Chidothi.



Many people agreed that although they rated the movie highly, there were still some things that the team could work on. One of them is how long the movie took to show the names and credits of actors before it started. "Yes, that is a common practice, but nowadays, movies just start right away. Or the names could be shown while the movie has already started," commented Grace Ukali. 

"Overall, the characters were convincing, but the drunk scene, especially on the part of the girls, was not as convincing. However, that is a minor part. I don't think most people would even notice, but as an observant viewer, it stood out to me."


Recently, there has been a significant surge in the production of movies in Malawi. According to Story Club FM, more than six movies have been launched this year alone. Among these movies is Kendal's “School Days,” which has added to the growing list and contributed to the growth of the movie industry in the country.



The increase in movie production can be attributed to the efforts of filmmakers and stakeholders in the industry who are working towards promoting local talent and telling authentic Malawian stories. 



It is worth noting that despite the growth of the movie industry in Malawi, it still faces several challenges such as limited funding, lack of proper infrastructure, and inadequate distribution channels. However, with support from both the government and private sector, it is expected that these challenges will be addressed, and the industry will continue to grow.

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