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Keturah and Pemphero: Are They Giving Love Another Chance? Fans Speculate as the Two Reunite

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1 Jun 2023

Back in December 2021, news broke that Keturah and Pemphero had ended their nine-month business relationship.

In a surprising turn of events, Malawian musician Keturah sparked controversy among her fans with a recent Facebook post. The picture she shared featured herself and her former manager, Pemphero Mphande, in what appeared to be a romantic and intimate embrace. The unexpected reunion has left fans divided, especially considering their tumultuous history and the impression that Keturah had moved on.


Back in December 2021, news broke that Keturah and Pemphero had ended their nine-month business relationship. Pemphero took to Facebook to announce the split, coincidentally on the same day when musician Onesimus's wife, Lisa Mlanduli, made a similar announcement about their separation.


The plot thickened in April 2022 when Keturah shocked her fans during a Facebook livestream. She revealed that she was now dating her former manager, Pemphero. The video caught many off guard as Keturah appeared disoriented and unprepared while making the revelation. The livestream ended abruptly, with Keturah visibly emotional and leaving fans speculating about her well-being and the reasons behind her unexpected confession.


Rumors of a romantic involvement between the artist and her manager had been circulating for some time. However, the couple had previously denied these claims. They eventually cut their professional ties in 2021, which only fueled new rumors, suggesting that their separation was due to Keturah's alleged pregnancy.


A few weeks later, Keturah caused a stir among Malawians when she posted a series of cryptic messages on social media, hinting at suicide contemplation. However, she returned to Facebook with another cryptic post, this time stating that she was pregnant. She later clarified that her posts were actually meant to announce her new projects and that she was not expecting a child.


Keturah's confession received mixed reactions from Malawians on social media. Some accused her of being immature and driven by emotions, fearing that it might hinder her music journey if not careful. Others suspected that it was all a publicity stunt, considering that Pemphero had previously claimed that someone prophesied his death, which raised questions about seeking public sympathy.


Fast forward to the present, Keturah announced the release of her debut self-titled album, set to launch on May 19, 2023, under Hen House Studios. Interestingly, she traveled to the United States for the first time to record the album in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, collaborating with members of the Playing for Change Band.


On Saturday, May 27, 2023, Keturah hosted the highly anticipated album launch at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre. It was during this event that rumors of a possible reconciliation between Keturah and Pemphero started circulating on social media. More than a year after their professional split, the two were seen together once again, raising eyebrows among their supporters.


Keturah herself confirmed the reunion by revealing that she personally delivered ten tickets worth MK100,000 that Pemphero had purchased for his fans. She expressed her excitement about seeing her former manager after such a long time and looked forward to his presence at the album launch.


As fans continue to speculate about the nature of their relationship, only time will tell if Keturah and Pemphero are indeed giving love another chance. Will this reunion lead to a rekindled romance, or are they simply maintaining a professional connection? Fans are left to decipher the true meaning behind their recent gesture, wondering if this is the start of a new chapter or just a fleeting moment in their complicated history.

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