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MEC put KU stakeholders on the same page

Yankho Phiri

7 May 2024

“Let voters know that the laws have been revised and changing of time is one of it.

Malawi Electoral commission, on Tuesday put stakeholders in Kasungu on the same page after informing them with the recent changes of electoral laws and electoral calendar.

The commission, headed by Commissioner Olivia Liwewe presented several electoral laws that the parliament revised and amended last year which some have already been put into practice by the commission in a number of by-elections that have occurred.

Among the reformed laws, voting time is one thing that has been reduced from 6 am to 4 pm unlike before which it was from 6 am to 6 pm.

In her remarks, Commissioner Olivia Liwewe emphasized on reminding attendees that they should put at heart about changing of time and preach the same to the public.

She said: “Let voters know that the laws have been revised and changing of time is one of it. In the upcoming elections be reminded that all voting centers will open at 6 pm and get closed at 4 pm not at 6 pm as it was before. Malawians have a tendency of looking at the sun instead of using their watches which makes them to flock to the voting centers late.”

Commenting on the development Media Practitioner and Theatre Artist Sam Magwira commended MEC for holding an interactive meeting which he said was an eye opener.

“We are very thankful for what MEC has done as we are now well aware of the whole election calendar and everything that has changed. We will preach the same as they have asked to make sure that the coming general election should be a success,” he said.

A cross section of participants

According to the commission, 11 million people in the country are eligible to vote in September 2025.

Chiefs, Artists, Members of the Civil Society Organization and the Media were among the stakeholders present at the meeting.

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